What to Wear for a Relaxing Day at the Spa

A day at the spa is a great way to relax and unwind. But what should you wear? To make sure you get the most out of your spa experience, it's important to dress appropriately. Because you'll be wearing a gown for most treatments, it's best to wear comfortable underwear. Some treatments, such as hot baths, mud baths, or sauna rooms, may require a bathing suit.

Jewelry is best avoided or kept at home when planning a spa day. If you're staying at one of our luxury spa hotels, there may be a dress code for the restaurant. It's a good idea to wear an elegant outfit, such as a nice dress or a pair of fitted pants and a blouse or shirt. However, if you're unsure, contact your chosen spa prior to your visit to check the dress code beforehand.

The day is easy; you'll spend most of your day in a dressing gown and swimsuit or in a bikini. Add gym clothes and shoes for workouts, plus a warm fleece lining and a pair of loose-fitting pants for outdoor walking. You don't need to bring a robe and slippers to the spa; most spas will have them ready when you arrive. Depending on the treatments you receive during your visit, you can also change to a new gown if it gets dirty or damp.

The same goes for towels; your spa must provide them to you so you don't have to bring your own. In addition, some spas may also offer other services, such as showers and toiletries to use before and after your visit. When in doubt, you can't go wrong wearing a tracksuit on a nice cake to your massage appointment. Put your swimsuit underneath so you're ready to relax as soon as possible, or pack it in a structured bag.

Most lounge and suite spas want customers to be comfortable, so think about clothes that don't fit. Think along with the idea of lounge pants, yoga pants, t-shirts and sweatshirts or hoodies; most spas encourage these. Sneakers or sports shoes are the right footwear. If you choose to stay at a luxury spa, there may be a dress code, so it's essential to check the website for more information.In your handbag, put some spa clothes, your favorite novel, styling products, facial fabrics, your beauty items, and any other essential items you may need after your spa day ends.

You'll most likely spend most of your time in your massage gown, so wear underwear that you're comfortable in. You'll also want to wear a bathing suit to take a dip in the sauna or hot tub; Rabato presents some of the best swimwear and underwear sales ads from the JCPenny store. You can buy one there at a discounted price before going to the spa.Wear clothes that don't wrinkle easily, as your clothes are likely to be stored in a locker all day. For example, wear a long knitted dress with a light cardigan.

Carry a large bag and wear flip-flops; chances are a pedicure is in play. Avoid wearing jewelry: you will have to take them off and they can be lost.For messy spa treatments that include wraps, muds, and oils, your therapist will offer you a pair of disposable underwear so that yours doesn't get wet, dirty, or otherwise compromised.If you're looking for more information on spa etiquette and what to wear here's everything you need to know before your visit. Once again remember that spas want you to feel comfortable so you can make the most of your pampering day. At some dedicated spa retreats it's OK to wear baggy pants and t-shirt but if you're staying at a hotel with a spa the hotel's restaurants will have their own dress code.A day at the spa is supposed to be an escape from your daily routine where you just have to focus on pampering and relaxing.

On the day of your departure you will need to leave your room in the morning but you may be able to continue using the facilities throughout the day.If you haven't had a spa day or spa treatment yet you might not be sure what to wear that day. As mentioned above most spas offer plastic slippers or flip flops for you to wear during your visit and if in doubt you can always bring your own.When it comes to footwear once again spas want their guests to be as comfortable as possible so make sure you wear or pack shoes that are comfortable but practical. You should not wear outdoor shoes near damp and thermal facilities as guests will walk barefoot in these areas.It's quite possible that you spend most of your day in and out of the pool or sauna steam room or hot tub so it makes sense to have your bathing suit on.In your large bag store a good book a change of clothes your favorite beauty items hairdressing products facial washcloths and any other product you need after your spa day ends.If you're just getting a spa treatment you can wear your regular underwear; your spa therapist will tell you if you need to take something off so that the creams and lotions get to all the right spots.